Ala-ud-Din Academy - Girls' High School

Admissions Process

Admission process for 9th class is the same as in the middle section. However, for admission in the 9th class (Science Group), it is necessary to get 75% marks in the annual examinations of 8th class. Once the student has achieved the required marks, then the student is required to get 70% marks in the Science Group Entry Test to get into the Bio-Science Group and 60% marks to get into Computer-Science Group. If the student is unable to attain the required marks, then she will be studying in the Arts Group. For admission in the 9th Class (Arts Group), a test of Urdu, English and Mathematics will be taken. However, if the student comes in the middle of the academic session, then the test will be taken from the syllabus already taught in the classes. All tests are taken from the books prescribed by The Punjab Text Book Board. The admission is not granted in the 10th class.

Important Note:

Admission in any class is subject to the availability of seat(s). If there is no seat available, the management will not conduct any test. Decision on any admission(s) is strictly based on merit. Management reserves the right on the final decision regarding admissions.

Test Contests

The test is usually given from the text books of The Punjab Text Book Board. In the Urdu test, use of idioms, sentence making, essay writing and word meanings are given. The English admission test usually consists of essay writing, sentences and Urdu and English translation. In the Mathematics test, students are asked to solve problems selected from the textbook.