Ala-ud-Din Academy - Girls' High School

ADMISSION - JUNIOR SECTION Every year 'Registration Admission' for the Lower KG (LKG) class starts in the middle of November i.e., around the 15th of November; whereas academic session for this class starts in April of next year. The academic session is from April to March.

Admission Process

  • At the time of admission, both parents should accompany the child and they will be interviewed.
  • The candidate should at least be four years old at the time of admission. No admission will be granted in case the candidate is younger than four years.
  • As per policy of the school, no boy(s) will be granted admission from 2007-08 onwards.
  • Photocopies of birth certificate, parents ID cards and two photographs of the child – size – 1" x 1" should be provided to the school.

Admission in the Upper KG (Class I) will be granted after taking a test of LKG standard, if the candidate comes at the start of the academic session. However, the nature of the test will change if the student comes in the middle of the academic session. In that case, the test will be taken from the UKG syllabus. The test is conducted for three compulsory subjects i.e.; English, Urdu, and Mathematics. Sometimes, a few general knowledge questions are also asked.

The has recently made a policy of not granting any admission to the boys. Please note that it is a girls school and only girls will be considered for admission. Therefore, we request you to understand and not to insist on admitting boys.

Test Contest

Admission tests usually consist of essay writing, dictation, sentences, Urdu and English translation. In mathematics test, students are asked to solve problems of addition, subtraction and multiplication. Sometimes, number tables are also asked in verbal and written forms.