Ala-ud-Din Academy - Girls' High School

Admissions Process

Admission in the 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th classes will be granted after taking a test of the previous standard, if the candidate comes at the start of the academic session. However, the nature of the test will change if the student comes in the middle of the academic session. In that case, the test will be taken from the syllabus already taught in that class. The test is usually conducted for three compulsory subjects i.e., English, Urdu and Mathematics. An additional test for Science is conducted for admission in the 8th class.

Important Note:

According to the BISE policy 2010-11, now, 5th class appears for the Board examination. Therefore, admission in the 5th class is not given after the Board Registration of students. >

After the Board examinations, the students start studying in the 6th class. However, if any student fails the examination, then she goes back to the previous class i.e., 5th class.

Test Contests

Urdu and English admission tests usually consist of essay writing, sentences, Urdu and English translation. In the Mathematics test, students are asked to solve problems of addition, subtraction and multiplication.