Ala-ud-Din Academy - Girls' High School

Examinations Policy

 Examinations are held twice in the academic year in all academic sections at fixed times. The first one are 'Mid Year' examinations and are held after the summer vacations. The second and final are the 'Annual' examinations, and are held in March.


Following are the requirements to 'Pass' the tests and examinations:

  • Pass percentage for all classes, in all examinations and class tests will be 40% in all subjects.
  • It is essential to pass in theory as well as in practical.
  • If the student fails in any one compulsory subject (English, Urdu, Mathematics and Science), then the student will 'Not be promoted' to the next class.
  • If the student fails only in one elective subject (Social Studies, Islamiyat, General Knowledge, Computers and any other subject), then she will be 'Promoted' to the next class.
  • Any student, who has been promoted once, will not be promoted again the next year.
  • Any student, who fails twice in annual examination, will be expelled from the school.
  • Any student caught using any other unfair means in the examinations will be expelled from the school immediately. There is a zero tolerance policy for using unfair means in the mid year and final examinations.
  • Any student of 9th and 10th class who misbehaves and conducts herself in an inappropriate manner, the school reserves the right to withhold her registration and admission for Annual Board examination.